Saturday, April 30, 2016

Kentucky Style Bigfoot and Dogman

"Brenton Sawin Mysteries To Search" is bringing on the Bigfoot and Dogman with a slew of stories, Kentucky-style. Who better to bring on the Bigfoot reports than Kentucky moonshiners whose business keeps them backwoods, where most folks fear to tread?

 Jon has collected some Sasquatch and Dogman stories from Kentucky. Bigfoot stories from moonshiners are prevalent due to the time these men spend in the woods. The Dogman story is interesting and shows how the dogman can be aggressive after they are threatened. Man comes up missing in KY and was making a call for help as the creature was trying to get into the house. Missing persons cases are being told in a context of cryptids being a suspect and this may explain some of the National parks missing person.


  1. Thank you for sharing my show and much more to come with several shows ready to record just need to get them done along with sasquatch and many other genres of mysteries.