Monday, July 25, 2016


This shocking footage shows the tiger attack at Badaling Wildlife Park in Beijing, China caught on a CCTV security camera. The woman is pulled away off camera by the tiger.
What the video doesn't show is that there were two tigers and the women you see being dragged off was mauled but not killed but an older woman, the third person to get out of the car, was killed.

Here are the facts:
1. There was a family of four, a man, two women and a child.
2. A woman gets out of the car.
3. A tiger drags her off.
4. A man gets out of the car to help the woman.
5. Another woman gets out of the car to help the other woman.
6. The initial woman is mauled.
7. The man is apparently uninjured.
8. The second woman is killed by a second unseen-on-camera tiger.
9. The child was safe.


  1. Why is anyone getting out of their car in a tiger park??? I hope they don't kill the tiger like they killed Harambe the gorilla. Its one thing if they shot the tiger before she died but if they kill the tiger later after they deem it a "mankiller" then its wrong because all tigers are potentially mankillers....especially if you get out of your vehicle.

    1. I agree.Tiger doing what tigers do xx

  2. I've heard from a reliable source that if you're playing Pokemon go you can tape your smart phone to a ceiling fan on the fastest speed and the Pokemon monsters appear in this reality for real! xx

    1. I will buy a high-speed ceiling fan and try it out after I get the Pokeman app....that is to say after I get a smart phone and figure out what Pokemon is and buy some tape to attach the phone to the fan and overcome my fear of monsters actualizing.

    2. !

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    1. Greetings my dear friend Joerg.

    2. I really enjoyed our Joerging last week Joerg. It was Joergalicious.

  4. They say that captive tigers are more dangerous because they don't have the same apprehension a wild tiger may have towards humans.