Thursday, May 5, 2016

Etiquette classes with Bigfoot

It seems that Martin Longbough is a Cryptozoologist Explorer type who is representing Goyalco, a company that builds residential and commercial spaces. Maybe Mr. Longbough will find time to investigate Dogman.
Dogman Evidence's policy is that any publicity is good publicity. We'll promote media attention to Bigfoot and Cryptozoology in general but we want to help get the word out about Dogman in popular culture specifically. Our goal is to have Dogman as well known as Bigfoot.

 These are the Adventures of Martin Longbough. An experienced, well-travelled explorer with superhuman strength, a keen knowledge of the art of intimidation and a penchant for taming beasts of various sizes. In this chapter, Martin travels to the Rocky Mountains. He considers his feats of strength and wit to be as impossible as finding the ideal home in Bangalore. Fortunately, that is where we come in. We've got apartments, plots and villas all across Bangalore. To be more specific; In Whitefield, Thanisandra, Bellandur, IVC Road - Devanahalli and on the Hennur Main Road. Finding a quality home in Bangalore has never been this easy.

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  1. Head too pointy. Would not hit.