Saturday, May 7, 2016

Brazilian Man Undergoes Dogman Plastic Surgery?

The story made headlines. A man undergoes plastic surgery to look like a dog. Was this real or a hoax?
A few days after the bizarre news surfaced, it was all announced as a hoax of Brazilian performance artist Rodrigo Braga who was fascinated by dogs. The artist asked a veterinary surgeon to sew the dog’s face parts on his "own" face. The artists face had been replicated but the dog parts were from a euthanized dog that could not be adopted. The photos of the procedure were also altered on the computer to look more realistic. This weird experiment took place in 2004 but the pictures surfaced fairly recently. How long until someone does this for real?


  1. This was obviously a hoax as he looks more like a duck and anyway what's this got to do with bigfoot? ;) xx

  2. Hi, PIB. They say its a hoax but I didn't know that was an real dog muzzle they used. Yuck!

    1. Hello :) i think they made that up didn't they?i hope they did xx