Saturday, May 21, 2016

UK Pet Play

This is Dogman Evidence, after all. Here are some facts:

 Around 10,000 people follow the pet play craze in the UK, according to a Channel 4 TV documentary which explores the phenomenon. Men tend to prefer dressing as dogs while women identify more as kittens.


Will you watch the Documentary airing Wednesday 25th May 10pm on UK's channel 4?
Will you tell us what you think, if you watch?
Do you participate in the UK pet play craze?
Do you participate in pet play outside the UK?
 Are you in favor or opposed to pet play?


  1. I watched the trailer. I think that type of behavior is why England is crumbling quickly. I did not participate in the discussion on the other forum regarding immigration etc... but it is no wonder why Europe is in for rough, rough(ruff ruff) waters.

  2. This is disgusting and perverse. This is what happens when people give up on religion.

    1. The people from the UK are too busy handing their country over to Muslims to care what you think. They will defend this behavior and as they defend Muslim's conquering their land. They have been thoroughly indoctrinated to feel guilty by the same multiculturalists who build 20 foot walls in Israel. They are literally hopeless. You don't even need a war to invade Europe any more. The men will defend rapists as their wives, or even they, are being raped.

    2. That's right 8:03.How many kids get abused by leaders of the church again?

  3. The pope sucks but Islam is far worse. Islam isn't a religion, its a political movement aimed at conquering Europe. You're not going to magically defeat it with love any more than your grandparents defeated Nazism with kindness. Your grandparents were savages who unmercifully and sadistically bombed Dresden and were complicit in dropping atomic bombs on Japan. Your generation mistakes missing balls for being loving and kind. Your weakness is not goodness or compassion. It is suicide. You have let centuries of generations of British down. You should be very, very ashamed.