Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Lion Is Impaled By Buffalo Horn During Hunt

Sure, the lion doesn't like being attached to the buffalo's horn but the buffalo has to carry around an entire lion of it's head while the rest of the pride try to chew him to death.

Will the lion de-impale itself?  Is there a happy ending for the lions, or the buffalo, or is there ambiguity...at least in what the video shows?


  1. FFS! That's going to leave a scar...ouch FFS!

    FFS! So it's true mess with the bull, get the horns FFS!

    FFS! Oh and 1st :) FFS!

    1. I do feel sorry for that buffalo and congrats on the first FFS! you didn't even need to rush lol xx

    2. Buffalo will just wing you. You don't want to get impaled by an impala!